Saturday, September 23, 2006

Update on a return to life as usual--with one more

Good Morning,
I've posted some pics this morning--finally, I know. When scrolling down the page, the first 5 are of the girls on various days and the last 4 are the night Emily came home. She's doing very well so far. She's adjusted to the time change and has been sleeping 8:00 PM to 6:30ish AM and takes an afternoon nap--no complaining here!! She's eating well and although she ate just about everything I fed her when she got home, she's now becoming more selective. She and I went for our first and last long walk together. 3 miles may have been pushing it, I guess. After 2 miles, she was done and screamed the rest of the way home. Nothing makes you walk faster than a screaming baby!! I carried her part of the way home and this morning my arms are feeling it:) She doesn't love the swing yet either--she gets all tense and looks very scared but she loves to go on another swing that we have when she, Kara and I are on it together. Depending on how silly I look I may post a pic of that.
Kara is still loving her sister and does not want to share her with her friends--and she's very vocal about that unfortunately. We're working on that everyday. I love watching Kara and Em together--it's so sweet--Kara talks to her and picks her flowers--gently touches her face--love it. I know the time will soon come when their exchanges won't be as sweet but that's okay too.
Corey no longer looks like he was hit by a bus--thank God. Those under eye circles were a bit scary. He's staying home with us thru Tuesday which is great. Yesterday Em was napping and Kara was at school so we spent some quiet time on the deck--first few hours alone since they got home. It was nice to chat with my husband:)
Gotta go now--baby's awake. Love you all!
Kristen, Corey, Kara and Emily

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Aunt Shell and the Gang said...

The girls look so happy together. Em is such a happy baby, and wise; for loving her Aunt Shell:)