Saturday, September 09, 2006

Our Healthy Girl

I've just heard form Mr. Film. Emily had her physical today and she's 23.1 lbs and 30.7 inches tall!! That puts her (approx) in the 83rd percentile for height and the 75the percentile for weight according to American growth charts (which people from Northern China more closely mirror). Corey said she was the only baby that didn't cry during her physical and the other families were kidding with them, asking if she ever cried:) She appears to be calm, cool and collected like her Mom--haha:)
Corey said she continues to do well while he and Connie are super tired and worn out. These last few days he has sounded very tired and missing us, as I'm sure Connie is as well. I can't thank them enough for making this trip to bring home our girl. They definitely seem to be making the most of it--attending all the events, site seeing, taking lots of pics and video to share with us and more importantly for Em when she's older. It's awesome to see your child or grandchild's birth country--their heritage--creating memories for them because they won't remember but it's also super exhausting, overwhelming and sometimes uncomfortable. I am very grateful to both of them for doing this for our family. In addition, I'm also grateful to my family as well for all they're helping me with at home--they are being a huge help.
I look forward to taking Kara and Emily back to their birthcountries with Corey when they're older and hopefully by then China will have increased the baggage weight limit, allowing me to pack an entire suitcase of food:) I miss being with them and experiencing all of the good and the bad. The other families sound great and Corey can't rave about them enough which is so funny from Mr. I'm not going there to make friends (yes, he said that)!! He said everyone really sticks together and helps each other and they're really getting each other through the trip. Many of the travelers have gotten sick due to the strains placed on them by a lack of sleep, crazy schedule, etc. Corey and Connie are healthy--please pray they stay that way.
Today Corey was invited to a party!! Unfortunately it was the I-600 party for one parent of each family to complete a form allowing them to bring their child (currently a citizen of China) to the US. Lots of docs, writing and white out are needed (we were required to bring white out--thanks Connie). Apparently I made an error on one of the forms which Corey has to correct at the Consulate on Monday. You know what this is going to cost me, don't you?? Oops sorry--this is a rated G blog!!
Corey said each family was given a Chinese Barbie made by Matel for adoptive families. He was so excited about it--he sounded so cute:) Well, enough of that--I hate to start my weekend with mush!!
Kara has her first soccer game today--wish us luck. I have no guarantee this will go well but I will post some pics later.
Love to all,


Mom said...

Sounds like our Emily will eventually be taller than her sister, and hopefully as healthy. They are on the down side of the trip now. Just a few more days and they will be home to a thick mattress and familiar food!

Eric Hines said...

Congratulations from Kimberly & Eric. Emily is so cute!!!!!!! This is a great blog!!!! We will keep reading daily! God Bless!