Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Calling a hotel in China isn't as easy as it sounds.....

Hi everyone. First, Corey, Connie and I want to thank everyone for their posts and emails. They're all so sweet and we love hearing from everyone. And since they're homesick--they especially love hearing from everyone. Their email address is cfilm2018@aol.com if you'd like to email them.
So-Emily and family had another good day. When Corey called me this morning his first words were "We have one great baby!!" She's doing so well so far--thank God for that!! They went shopping and bought Emily some more clothes and shoes. She's been doing very well eating and not so bad sleeping--last night she slept from 10-7:30 straight through, although today it took them a bit of additional effort to get her to sleep. She's been eating steamed eggs, tofu, rice cereal, rice, congee and cheerios and is drinking formula--sometimes from a bottle and sometimes from a sippy cup. I would like to give her at least one bottle:) She can walk while holding onto their hands. Here are a few quotes from Grandma about her "Funny thing, before the bottle when she was crying, she bit Corey. She has probably eight teeth. She is rough and tough. Just try to take something away from her that she wants (food) and she will fight you for it. She is illuminating though. She lights up the room with her smile. Very good natured. We are so blessed to have such a great girl." I'm going to post some pics of China--I'd tell you what they were pictures of, if only I knew. I'll get more info later and title them.
Big sister Kara is doing well. Missing Daddy and Grandma but having lots of fun with Mama. She is planning a celebration for Emily's homecoming and is so darn cute when she talks about her. Oh, my girls:)

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