Friday, September 08, 2006

Happy Birthday Emily!!

No, it's not her birthday but yesterday at a Tibetan restaurant they celebrated the birthdays of all the girls who turned one prior to be united with their families. She had her very own cake and birthday hat. I haven't shown the pic to Kara yet because I think she might be angry that she missed the party. However, all Kara talks about it the "celebration" we're having for her sister. I really don't know what her idea of a celebration is but I need to find out this weekend. Emily continues to do well and the pediatrician with the group reported to our agency that she's a happy, smiling, giggling baby--hopefully she's still that happy when she meets me:)
On Wednesday they were supposed to visit a zoo with Pandas (which I was strangely excited about) but it rained so they went to a museum and then to see the Yellow River. After the excursion they chose to stay back at the hotel for dinner. I think they were all a bit tired and Corey's back was pretty sore.
I borrowed this next section for Judy and Sean, another family traveling with our group. Corey didn't tell me about this part of the day so I'm filling in the gap:)
"Thursday, we went to a village approx an hour away from the hotel to visit a family. The families are mostly farmers. Our guide Steed said that people will look at us as if we were E.T. He was right! They were as curious of us as we were of them. The Chinese people are very friendly and hospitable. We did a little tour of the area (of course, we took lots of pictures) and the family continued to bring out food after food, after food. The children were very curious about our group and they gathered and giggled with each other. We offered them plenty of candy and captured great photos. To our surprise, the kids are taught English in school and some of them used the opportunity to thank us in English. They seemed very pleased with themselves. We couldn't eat the fruit that was offered but we ate the steamed potatoes and delicious dumplings." Thanks Judy and Sean!!
After that they went to the Tibetan restaurant. Corey said the food was awful (shocker) but it was a party atmosphere and the adults and babies had a great time. Corey said Emily was a hit with the restaurant staff. After the party Emily went to bed. Corey said he was being quiet and he was about to get on the computer when she started laughing at him and when he looked over she was standing in her crib smiling and laughing. Apparently we'll not be giving her sugar before bed:)
Kara was an awesome baby and it seems as though Emily is too. God has certainly blessed us twice. We're very fortunate and time can't pass quickly enough for me so Kara and I can meet our new little girl. Emily is on the verge of walking on her own--she toddles around holding onto Corey or Connie's fingers. Corey said she loves to be out in the hallway where lots of families are generally walking around with their daughters as well.
While we were sleeping last night the China group flew to a new city, Guangzhou where the US Consulate is located. The babies will have their physicals, obtain their visas, etc. They're staying at the White Swan Hotel which is supposed to be awesome and lucky for them there are several local restaurants/delis with American style food. There also is great shopping--woohoo!! I wonder how they did on the flight with Emily--4 hours long I think--they're flying from far north in China to southern China. Incidentally, it's in the 90's there--we packed bathing suits so maybe they'll catch tans:)
The USA Films have been busy. Kara is having a great time at school and is making new friends. She's met a boy named Tyler--she let him know that they'll probably marry so I'm glad she's got that decision nailed down. AGHHHHH!!!! I can't wait for the parent/teacher conferences--I'm so curious to hear her teacher's impression of her--how she acts in school, etc. My big girl--I just can't believe I'm making school lunches for my baby!!
Time to get ready for work and to wake up Princess Kara. Have a great day!!
PS--Mom, was that long enough?


Mom said...

The trip is half over. One week from today Emily will be waking up in her own crib, in her beautiful room. And it will have all been worth it.

Anonymous said...

Not much longer Kristen and you will have your whole family together. It sounds like a great trip but an exhausting one. By now, all they want is to get home and share a happy life with their new daughters and families.
Aunt Peggy

Anonymous said...

Emily looks great in pink! The picture of her and Corey blowing out the candles on her cake is great. I can't wait to meet her in person, she is beautiful!

Congratulations,Kristen, Corey, Kara and Emily---you are a wonderful family!

Uncle Wes