Sunday, September 03, 2006

Today is the Big Day

Today is the big day!! Will she be hysterical? Will she just look at them and smile like Kara did? How big is she? What does she look like when she smiles? Will she like the bottles I packed? Boy, it feels strange to be watching this all unfold as all of you do--I should be there but I need to be here. Fortunately I'm completely comfortable that our sweet baby girl is in good hands-Corey, much to his chagrin, is a super Dad and his Mom is Grandmother to many so Emily will be as fine as she can be. They may actually have met Em by now. When the phone rings, I may just pass out!! But if not, I'll let you know what happened when they first saw each other!! Stay tuned.


Mom said...

I'm sitting here waiting anxiously to hear that Corey has called and now has Emily. I just can't wait to see pictures of her. I hope she has an easy transition to her Dad and Grandma.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Films for sharing this precious monent in your lives with all of us. I know that Emily couldn't find a more loving family and extended family than she is entering as of today. Many happy days ahead of you all.
Love and Good Wishes to all,
Aunt Peggy and Uncle Skipp

Anonymous said...

The first ting I do every morning is to check my email to see if there is a posting from Emily's Nana or her Mom.Now that she is with her Dad and Grandma we can all breath easier. What an exciting time for the Films.God bless and keep you all strong until Dad and Grandma brings Emily home to us. I love you Emily.
Aunt Suzy and Uncle Chuck

Anonymous said...

Ned, Taryn and I are absolutely thrilled that Emily is with her dad and beginning her journey home. Everyone remains in our thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this blog. Reading your comments is such an emotional experience. It's easy to feel your joy. We are VERY happy for you and look forward to logging on to track your journey each step of the way. Your daughter will some day read this and know how she was loved even before she came home. And what a home the lucky girl will join......

You are in our thoughts,
Kiki, Scott and Samantha