Thursday, October 18, 2007

Surprise Surprise

Well, it turns out the Lord has a sense of humor. The Film family will be welcoming a new addition in the spring, early April the doctors say. Now that the shock has worn off, we're all very excited. It's a new experience for us and one we're happily sharing with our girls and our family and friends. Kara and Zach put their hands on my belly--Kara thinks she can feel the baby and Zach thinks she's crazy. Emily talks to my belly and pats it now and again. I'm enjoying being pregnant although I'll admit it's a strange experience. Corey is taking good care of all of us and doesn't make me feel too badly about going to bed with the girls, if not before. We'll have our hands full but we love and enjoy the girls so much that I'm looking forward to meeting this little one as well. I can't get used to how fast pregnancy is, although I'm sure I won't be saying that at the end. We had so long to prepare for the girls that this seems super fast to me.
The girls are doing wonderfully. Kara is in first grade and seems to be enjoying it despite mentioning sooooo much work and less recess! She hasn't tried to glue any of her classmates to the floor yet this year so that's an improvement. She's so independent--I have a hard time adjusting to it. But at night she still wants to snuggle up with me and read books, so I haven't lost her yet:)
Emily, on the other hand is firmly attached to me often. Although she does often go off and play with Kara. Kara is so wonderful with her. She's patient and kind to her, teaches her things and reads to her. Don't get me wrong--they have their moments but Corey and I really enjoy watching them interact with one another. Emily is talking quite a bit and I just love listening to her sweet little voice. She's also got quite the temper so isn't always using that sweet little voice:) She's adjusting to Alex being home. It's actually very cute--she loves him to pieces and talks to him/about him but then he touches her toys and all bets are off. We're working on that!
Well, that's it for the Films' for now. I'll try to update the blog throughout my pregnancy and let you know how it's going!!