Sunday, September 03, 2006

Uh Oh!! The diapers don't fit!!

Hi everyone!! I heard from Corey and Connie this morning and they have Emily!! They said when they went into the meeting room with the other parents, the baby home staff was holding eleven babies and suddenly the room was very full and chaotic. They picked Emily out right away--she looks just like her picture. Cute and pudgy with peach fuzzy hair. She was one of the few babies not crying (for now). Connie said they got lots of pictures when Corey first held her. Corey had to stay in the room with the other parents for instructions and Connie took Emily back to the room. She said Emily was smiling and laughing within a few minutes, however when I spoke with them, she was not a happy girl. She had eaten Cheerios and they were trying to give her water--she wouldn't take a bottle. Corey and Connie were lightly bickering--it was all very cute. Her foster parents sent her with a note (which we'll have to have translated), a bear and 2 disposable cameras-which we're very excited about. Connie said other than crying due to being over tired, she seems like a very happy, mild mannered baby (we'll see, won't we?). She did mention she has big feet, like her Daddy. She also has the sniffles. The pediatrician with the group will be examining all of the babies over the next few days, unless there are issues to be addressed sooner.
Tomorrow they need to do more paperwork, meet with some officials and buy more diapers for my little porkchop because the ones we packed were too small!! Hopefully tomorrow I'll have some pics to include. Off to a birthday party at Hoffman's--the USA Film's are keeping very busy:)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to ALL. I can't wait to see a picture of Pork Chop. Nana is keeping me well informed and I'm trying to keep her calm, LOL. I'm anxious to read more about Emily as the days go by. Kara is now an official "Big Sister". She will have alot to talk about on her first day of school. You are all in my thoughts and prayers !!!!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations my dear cousins! We are so happy for all of you. We know that Emily is now part of a terrific, wonderful, loving family that has more than enough love to go around. We are so excited that we can read about the journey to bringing Emily home. The boys think it is great that they can see their cousins on the computer. Hugs and Kisses to All!

John, Caroline, John Patrick & Evan

Anonymous said...

Congratulations are in order for the Film's. I am so proud of you and Corey and Kara. This little girl is very lucky to have such loving parents. Her life will be oh so wonderful.
I know Kara is very excited to meet her new sister.
I can't wait until we meet you.
Keep us posted. Our prayers are with Corey and his Mom.

Aunt Ginny Uncle Timmy

Anonymous said...

Hooray for all of you! I can't wait to meet Emily and see her cherubic face in person. I guess when she grows up and reads this, she won't mind reference to her big feet or being called a 'little porkchop'. She'll be so 'well rounded' that none of this will matter!
Love, Aunt Louise