Monday, September 04, 2006

Their first day together

Hi everyone! Emily had a good day today (it's 10:30pm in China). She went to sleep at about midnight last night--she fell asleep on Daddy and then on Grandma. Grandma tried to put her down a few times and Em cried but then she put her down, she cried for about 30 seconds and went to sleep. She slept thru the night and they woke her at 6:30 for the day's festivities-they had to take care of some legal matters. Emily took a short morning nap on Daddy in the baby carrier and later slept for 3 hours in the afternoon. She's eating like a champ and is drinking from a sippy cup. While I was talking to Corey, Connie pulled a piece of rice from Emily's nose!!
He said her personality is great and she's a riot--until he tried to take something away from her--she yelled at him. Just one more Film girl with a mouth:) From the pics she seems very tall for her age--which I believe is common for Northern China. In one of the pics she has on an outfit that was Kara's when Kara was 14 mos old. It only comes to Emily's midcalf. They're going to a dept store tomorrow and will buy her some 18 mos clothing.
Corey's apparently done with discussing the food with me--when I asked what they ate today, his response was "Chinese food". He sounded tired--it was a late night of filling out paperwork with the group. It seems as though they are really enjoying the other families and they are helping one another with whatever issues arise. He, however, is not enjoying the computer. He's no peach when walking him through attaching pics to emails:) That's my boy.
That's it for now on the China Films. Happy Labor Day everyone!!

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