Friday, September 15, 2006

Home, safe and sound!!

Hi everyone. Last night was not as I had pictured but wonderful none the less. Their flight was from Beijing to Newark and then Newark to Albany. The last leg was cancelled due to bad weather in Newark (bad weather in Sept?? what the heck???) so my Dad and Don drove down to get them. We were very sad about that--not only did Connie and Corey desperately want to come home, but we were looking forward to a big group of family and friends meeting them at the airport. It wasn't meant to be. We put the kids to bed and got them up again when Emily was 15 minutes from home. While we waited Shell and I were exhausted so we slept on the couch but my Mom and Father in Law kept talking to me--asking questions. I believe my exact words were "I love you but stop talking to me!!!." We got the kids up and they were very excited. When they arrived we gave Corey and Emily some space and just looked at her. Kara was shy with her as I suspected--at first. When we went in, I took Emily from Corey and she seemed content. Pretty soon Kara was showing her every toy she owns and trying to teach her things. Everyone left at 1:45, I think and although she fought it a bit, Emily went to sleep at 2:20. She slept until 4:55. Corey got up wity her because he was unable to sleep. Kara and I got up at 7:00 and the first thing Kara said was "Can I go see my sister?". They've been playing all morning and doing great. Kara is awesome with her. Emily is so funny --happy and loud (hmmm.....who does that remind you of!!). She smacks her lips when she's hungry and yells if you don't feed her fast enough. Right now she and Daddy are sleeping. Kara is bugged by that and wants to know when she'll be up. Daddy's exhausted (and looks it). Today I'll be feeding he and Connie yummy food so they can catch up. Emily loves Connie to death and they're very cute together. I had forgotten how these first few days feel--when regular life goes away and everything's all about your family--except this time I'm not sick to my stomach over ut:) Gotta go and check out my presents:) I'll send pics later--I'm having an issue with my parents' camera and can't upload them.


Mom said...

Last night a third miracle happened in my life. I got to meet Emily Xian. I can’t even explain how it felt to see her with her forever family. I will never forget seeing her go to her Mama for the first time. Thank you Corey and Kristen for sharing this special night with Dad and me. Kara, we loved watching you play with your sister. Now just relax and enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Home Emily!!!!!!!!!!
Aunt Peggy & Uncle Skipp

Anonymous said...

We are so happy that your family is united safe and sound!! Enjoy!
John, Debbie and Savannah

Anonymous said...

"The most important things we can give our children are 'Roots and Wings'" Welcome home Emily