Monday, September 11, 2006


I'm so proud--not because Corey helped a choking baby at dinner (that's really par for the course for him and the choking baby thing--not really my job (right, CP?)--Corey tried PIDGEON for dinner. YUCKKKKKKK. I don't think it was because starvation had finally kicked in--I think this may have been a manly thing. For all of the different types of food served in China, my guess is he may have felt pressure to try something. I can't imagine why he passed on the worms and beetle being served at the other table. I think he said they were eating that night with the national guides (those assisting them during the trip who live in China) so the food was a bit more "real" than they were ready for.
They're in the White Swan hotel now and will be until they go to Bejing on Wednesday. The hotel is beautiful--I'm including a few pics of the grounds in today's post. I'm also including one of my favorite pics of Em--she's such a happy baby.
The other night the ladies and babies had a playdate and the dad's had a playdate. A few drinks and some cigars--no not for the ladies--for the dad's!! Yesterday the babies were blessed by momls--I don't have pics of that yet. As we speak they're on a dinner cruise with the other fams. Or as Corey said "a social event where none of us eat but we do take pics and video.
As far as the USA Films--we continue to be busy and working my family like dogs:) Uncle Don took Kara and Zach to the tugboat thing in Waterford on Saturday and spent some time back at their house while Shell and I accomplished some things at home. Huge help--thanks Uncle Don!! Yesterday my parents were here for a while--helping me and buying some items Kara's decided to sell to them (postcards, etc). Her Daddy's taught her about garage sales:) Kara's been awesome--I couldn't be prouder of her--well maybe a bit prouder if she'd actually played soccer rather than just clutching my leg--we're working on that.
Well--gotta go or else I'll be going to work with very bad hair. Have a great day everyone. Enjoy the pics.
Kara and Emily's Mom

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Shelley said...

Props to you Corey! Did it taste like chicken (doesn't everybody say that all strange food tastes like chicken)? Give Emily and your mom a kiss from me, and I can't wait until Thursday!