Monday, September 04, 2006

Emily with Daddy and Grandma


Mom said...

Corey and Kris, your new daughter is just beautiful. I can't wait to hear more about her as each day of Corey's journey unfolds. She looks happy and content. And she is not a pork chop! But I think she is going to be taller than her sister. Can't wait to hold her.

Anonymous said...

Hi Folks! What a CUTEY....I can't wait to hear Kara's reaction to seeing her sister and her DAD!!! Emily looks so happy and content with her DAD and, of course, DAD looks just as content.

Love, Aunt Louise

Heather said...

She is beautiful! I'm thrilled to she how content and comfortable and just plain right she looks snuggled with Corey. Best of luck to all for a safe & rapid trip home. Hug both the big and little sisters from us!

Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful! What a cute first picture of Emily and Daddy!!!! I can't wait to see more!
Congratulations Mommy and Big Sister!!!!!
Jen B.

Anonymous said...

Tristen and Corey, Em is so beautiful! Of course I got weepy when I saw this picture. She is so settled in with Daddy.Kara now has a forever friend like her Mom and Aunt Shelley are. That is of course after they beat each other up a few hundred times, (remember that Tristen and Shelley).What a happy baby.Can't wait for her to come home with Daddy and Grandma.

Love to all
Aunt Suzy

Anonymous said...

Aww, she is so beautiful... Emily too!