Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Our Happy Girls

Hi everyone. Emily is adjusting nicely to her new life as a Film. She is a wonderful baby--happy, smiley, funny. Sunday night she began sleeping through the night--7:30-5:00. I'm an early riser so that's not as bad as it sounds. She still takes 2 naps a day but will soon be transitioning to 1. She loves to eat and when I take too long between bites there's probably a chance the neighbors can hear her. She loves to test out her voice--sometimes sofly and sweetly and sometimes not. She's slowly getting to know everyone and unlike Kara as a baby, she won't go to everyone. Right now she's holding onto Nana's hand and walking aroung checking out the house (carrying a small garbage hand, strangely). Kara continues to be a great big sister--helping her sister learn, to walk around the house and play with her. I couldn't have anticipated how sweet she is with her sister. We have enough arguments to come in the future so we're just relishing these sweet times right now.

Corey and Connie are recuperating. The time change is tough on all of them but they're quite happy to eat American food. Corey will be home with us for another week, which great for all of us. I've posted some pics from her arrival. More to come soon.
Kristen, Corey, Kara Michelle and Emily Xian

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Mom said...

Well, today I had a great morning with Emily. We went to get new shoes - her first walkers. Then we came back to Nana's house and perused the place, played with toys and even went from Mama's arms to mine. We are definitely bonding. She gives me great big smiles. I love every bit of it and am sure we will be best of friends.